Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Calf and Lamb Day Art


For Calf and Lamb day we made paper machie pants . It was fun, Brody has done paper machie lots of times before so he knew exactly what he was doing . He enjoyed choosing the colour to paint it and decorating it with spots.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Arnita,s Birthday

Brody and Marie thank you so much for my amazing presents ! Brody was excited when he gave them to me. The kids started to sing me happy birthday and Brody joined in with his whole heart. I loved my cupcake he was pretty proud when he handed that to me! When I opened my big present and said ow wow he looked at me and repeated it ,then lent in and gave me a big hug ! Just when I thought I had opened them all he found another present and opened it for me and handed it to me and said pretty. Thanks Brody and Marie for my amazing gifts .

Photography Calf and Lamb Day

Yesterday was our school calf and Lamb day and I went out and took some photos of my classmates and there calves and lambs. Oliver had a calf called Sugar and Daragh and Jaz had lambs !Daraghs was called DJ and Jazz,s was called Precious. The kids had lots of fun showing them and. I really enjoyed taking photos.