Monday, September 8, 2014

Taking photos on the green screen.

  Brody and his class mates were taking photos with their I pads using a green screen so we used one  of Brodys images from Disneyland and a image of a Lion.
In the Disneyland picture it looks like he is lying on the water. To take this picture I had to get Brody lying on his school desk with the green screen behind him. He did wonder what I was doing to start with then when I had taken the picture he could see what we had done. In the lion picture we didn't have it quite right you can see in the left hand side we were not in front of the green screen and you can see some green lines through the lion but it was our first go and we had fun doing it .

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  1. Brody and i went through the class blog as well as his own one tonight, he was so excited to see all his fellow classmates in the videos especially in the schools cross country run he named all the kids as they went pass. As for the green screen video he had a massive smile on his face and started to sing "fruit salad" we had to play that twice.
    You look like you were really enjoying yourself Brody may be we should get guitar and singing lessons? hahahaha