Friday, July 25, 2014

Cooking Pikelets


I have all my ingredients ready .
I am learning to measure out my ingredients.

 Mixing the butter and egg together
 I have to learn to stop pouring and just add alittle at a time.
I like to stir all the ingredients together.
I am learning to flip the pancakes and be careful of the hot surface.
Ah taste testing the best part of all !
 Nutella on pikelets YUM YUM YUM
Brody really enjoyed cooking today he was very keen to crack the egg ,he got it out of the container and said egg crack crack and gave it a little bang on the table. Luckily it never broke. We are working on measuring out the ingredients and stopping at the top. Brody loves to taste test at the end.


Friday, July 4, 2014


Meccano I love it ! Mum and Dad brought me some meccano to work on at school and i have really been enjoying making the motor bike and the helicopter . I found it a bit tricky to start with but Arnita helped me to piece together the little bits and then i could use the screwdriver to attach the pieces . I was quite excited at the end when it turned out to be a motorbike and even had a little police man to ride on it !

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Back to school

Welcome back to school after your big holiday to Disneyland . After seeing your photos it looked like you had an amazing time and were really brave on those rides .