Friday, May 23, 2014

First Harvest

Wow look at my very first harvest from my garden a great big bunch  of silver beet. I have got some beetroot that will be ready soon . We pulled out the broccoli  and cabbages because the pesky little white butterflies really liked them and ate lots and lots of big holes in them. In a few weeks we will plant some more vegetables.


  1. Wow . Heaps of silverbeet!! Well done Brody, you are a very clever gardener. Get your mum to make you and Anita some beetroot relish with your vegetables that you have grown from your garden. :-)

  2. Great idea Aunty Marilyn i hope Mum makes some and shares it with my teacher aide lol

  3. just catching up on all your latest blogs brody , yes we all enjoyed the first lot of veges from your garden the silverbeet was yummy. As for the beetroot relish .........
    maybe aunty Marilyn will like to do the honours......