Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Drawing Brody with chalk

We headed outside with the chalk . I asked Brody what he would like to draw he replied Brody and promptly lad down so i could trace around him. Then he hopped up and drew the clothes on telling me top blue, pants. He chatted away quite abit while doing this activity telling me what he was doing as he did it ie eyes, nose , mouth. It stayed on the concrete for a few days each time we past it he said Brody.


  1. Brody was excited to see these pictures on his blog he said " laying down " and then said " colouring in , see shirt , pants" and pointed to his shirt and pants. Great colouring in Brody looks like you had lots of fun doing this activity, now mum knows why you came home from school that afternoon with your clothes looking like you had been used to dust down a blackboard. ha ha ha

  2. Use Brody as a duster ? Never. He does enjoy getting out with the chalk.